About Us

Shri Anantram Bhat is a Mumbai based Indian Priest. A priest by choice Shri Anantram Bhat has a vast experience of more than 30 years. Due to his immense domain knowledge Shri Anantram Bhat has earned his credibility over the years. He specializes in composing and analyzing horoscopes. He renders counseling on Dosha Nirasana Shanti according to the ‘Dosha' (Problem/ irregularity) in the horoscope or Natal chart and as such has been traveling across the country for performing various Samskara for devotees. Apart from this, Shri Anantram Bhat is also a practicing Energy, Vaastu and Color Consultant and has guaranteed results, with an optimum 80% results, in a specified time frame.

A devout since early childhood Anantram was born in a priestly family (aastika) at Nivane village (Shimoga dist.) in Karnataka. He took his lessons in Vedas under the instructions of late Acharya Keshavmurti Ghanpathi at the Kudli Shringeri Matha, Kudli (Shimoga dist.) in Karnataka. India.

His spirit were so high that he could not resist his zeal to perform everything he had learnt and as such he began practicing at one of the local temple (Dattatraya Matt) in Banaras while he was learning KrishnaYajurVeda taittariya shakha, Sanskrit vyakarna and Sahitya astrology and traditional vaastu in Banaras, (Varanasi) after his successful learning he moved to Mumbai. However, his migration to Mumbai did not stop him from practicing and within some days he was elected as Priest of Ram Mandir in one of the suburbs of Mumbai.

Now he is mainly practicing VARNA Chikitsa (Color Therapy) for people suffering from various imbalanced ailments for VAASTU (Also known as ENERGY VAASTU). This has given wonderful results to many people

across India and people are more than happy for the results they get with the efforts and guidance from Anantram Bhatt and have been following his advice. The one thing that is special is people say, one can expect timely guaranteed results for the remedial / exercise as suggested, provided they are followed as said. Though the result may vary from individual to individual, with the expertise he has, Anantram Bhatt has the success rate of optimum 80% of results favoring to the individual.