Garbhadhana (means conception) is the first samskara among them .It is practiced on the first night of the marriage for the newly married couple in which Aahuti's (traditional offering with the help of Agni Devta i.e. fire) are offered by chanting Mantras. It also involves chanting some special mantra by laying a hand on the bride's forehead. Garbhadhana purifies the couple's soul and body thereby ensuring to conceive a pure and healthy foetus.

Pumsavana (samskara for having male child) is the second samskara practiced four months after conceiving a baby for having a male child. It is believed that Pumsavana helps one to have healthy and brave offspring

Seemanta (for having Normal delivery) is the third samskara practiced during the seventh month of pregnancy for having Normal delivery of the child. In case the mother who is conceiving the baby has any worries/negative feelings and / or anxiety, Seemanta gives strength to the mother as well as the infant and help them to overcome any depression (anxiety neurosis).

The fourth samskara is Jaatakarma practiced once the baby is born. These samskara are of very much importance, as it is believed that Jaatakarma enhances the baby's growth with bestowing the tendency of Positive Attitude . It is also advisable to prepare the horoscope of the new born so as to analyze his past as well as future.

Naamkaran (naming ceremony) is the fifth Samskara wherein we decide the name of the child for his / her identity. The child is then placed in the Cradle with a prayer, seeking blessing for the child.

Nishkraman is the sixth Samskara wherein we introduce the child to the external world (that means the child is shown the external surrounding for the first time). The child is first shown the Sun, the Moon, stars. Also we believe every directions has its own lord (sides in clockwise direction)

  • Lord Indra rules the East
  • Lord Agni (fire) rules the Southeast
  • Lord Yama (lord of death) rules the South
  • Lord Nairittya (lord of Strength) rules the Southwest
  • Lord Varun (lord of water) rules the West
  • Lord Vayavya (lord of air) rules the Northwest
  • Lord Soma (Lord of Medicine) rules the North
  • Lord Ishaan rules the Northeast

Hindu religion believes in the existence of altogether 33 crores Gods. It is believed that all the 33 crores God exist in Cow and as such cow is worshipped in Hindu religion.

The child is also shown the cow for seeking her blessings.