Anantram Bhat

Shri Anantram Bhat is a Mumbai based Indian Priest. A priest by choice Shri Anantram Bhat has a vast experience of more than 30 years. Due to his immense domain knowledge Shri Anantram Bhat has earned his credibility over the years. He specializes in composing and analyzing horoscopes. He renders counseling on Dosha Nirasana Shanti according to the ‘Dosha' (Problem/ irregularity) in the horoscope or Natal chart and as such has been traveling across the country for performing various Samskara for devotees. Apart from this, Shri Anantram Bhat is also a practicing Energy, Vaastu and Color Consultant and has guaranteed results, with an optimum 80% results, in a specified time frame.

A devout since early childhood Anantram was born in a priestly family (aastika) at Nivane village (Shimoga dist.) in Karnataka. He took his lessons in Vedas under the instructions of late Acharya Keshavmurti Ghanpathi at the Kudli Shringeri Matha, Kudli (Shimoga dist.) in Karnataka. India.


In the earth or in our body, anything negative that happens is because of
imbalance of the five basic elements. Imbalance can be of two types:

ĀKĀSHA (SKY), the Ānandamayakosha

Associations: fear, anger, hate, old age, worldliness, sense of hearing and speech, samāna vāyu.

VĀYU (AIR), the Vidnyānamayakosha

Associations: inhaling, exhaling, blinking, excitation, physical work, sense of touching and being touched, udāna vāyu.

AGNI (FIRE), the Manomayakosha

Associations: acidity, temperature, body heat, smartness, laziness, sleep, thirst, sex, sweat, vision and the sense of sight,

JALA (WATER), the Prānamayakosha.

Associations: blood, urine, virility, fluid, flow, stillness, smoothness, stickiness, slipperiness, taste and the sense of taste, apāna vāyu.

PRITHVI (EARTH), the Annamayakosha.

Associations: bones, nails, teeth, organs, skin, hair, joints, potency of sexual organs, smell and sense of smell, prāna vāyu.