Punyahavachana (meant for purifying our surroundings)

Punyahavachana is meant for purifying our surroundings. This is the P ooja of the lord of water. We chant some mantras laying a hand on Kalasha (an earthen or metal pot filled with water) so as to purify it, which then becomes the holy water. This holy water is first sprinkled on our surroundings to purify our surroundings and then few drops (handful) of it are swallowed to purify our body. Punyavachana seeks to enhance our life and bring on Prosperity during the lifetime.

Matrukapujan: (means worshipping mother.)

It is believed that of the 27 gods / idols, only three are (male) gods namely Ganesha, Vaastu, Kshetrapal, rest all the twenty-four are goddesses. In our day-to-day life knowingly or unknowingly we commit sin by killing insects, creatures etc. By performing Matrukapujan (means worshipping mother. It is believed that they are the mother of all these insect and /or creature; we apologize our mis-deed, as they were purely unintentional and in a way purify ourselves.

Naandi Shraadh: Meant as a tribute to our Forefathers

This is performed usually during all the samskara but in major ceremonies / celebrations like Marriage, Thread Ceremony and etc, Naandi Shraadh is performed on a larger scale where in we remember our forefathers (Paternal as well as maternal) pay homage to them.

It is commonly believed that as our forefathers had taken pain-staking efforts while nurturing us it is our duty to remember them acknowledge them and keep them happy and satisfied.

Hence Naandi Shraadh should be performed whenever we have any ceremonies especially Marriage. Never forget our Forefather is the underlying thought. Also it is believed that once we have our forefathers blessing we are likely to have a well-deserved and caring progeny.