Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh Pooja means worshipping Lord Ganesh. As a matter of practice every Indian ritual begins with Ganesh Poojan.

Shoodasha Sanskar

In Hinduism it is believed that by adhering to Samskara, ( Etiquette) we can wash half of the sins out.

Aadityadi Navagraha Shanti

According to Vedas and Shastras there are many planets & stars.

Vaastu shanti Grihapravesh

As per Indian Vaastu-Shastra (architecture) there are 62 Vaastu Devtaa, every one having their individual house and position.

Janana shanti

Janana shanti's is basically to check the effects / maligning effects of various planets on the infant.

Vardhapan Aacharanam

Birthday's are celebrated all over the world not only for fun but with an aim to focus on our future life wherein we set targets.

Naimittika Shanti

Nimitta means Cause and Naimittika means incidental. Many times pooja is performed for a cause or with a special reason.

Vishesha Shanti

There are in all Nine Vishesha shanti. Each of these is performed with a special purpose (to achieve the desired result)

Satyanarayan Vrat / Pooja

As the name suggests Satya means Truth and Narayan is the supreme God.