Samskara means etiquette.

In Hinduism it is believed that by adhering to Samskara, ( Etiquette) we can wash half of the sins out. There are all together sixteen customary Samskara ( Etiquette) and hence the name (shodasha means 16 ) Shodasha-Samskara.

Samskara: - There are all together 16 Samskara beginning from Garbhadhana (meant for conceiving a pure and healthy foetus) to Vivaha (Marriage), meant for purifying our Mind, Soul and language/ Vocalizations. (Mana, Kaya and Vacha)

For instance say,

Choodakarma : The time when hair of the infant is shaved off for the first time. It is a big ceremony in Hindus.

Upanayana: Thread ceremony that marks the beginning of Bhramacharya. And

Vivaha (marriage),

These samskara classify three phases of our life. The first phase Choodakarma is for enjoying all the worldly things.

Upanayana, the second phase is meant for acquiring knowledge and worshiping god selflessly.

The third phase, Vivaha, along with Janana Shanti & Naimittiaka shanti's help us to enjoy our life on earth.

The intension of this knowledge based site is to bring peace in peoples' life who are suffering from Marital life, Physical difficulties, financial difficulties, educational difficulties, family matters etc.

antras are very powerful. They yield positive results when a person believes in those mantras and performs his duties. The power of mantras enhances the expected result by 40 percent.