Satyanarayan Vrat / Pooja

( Worshipping truth)

As the name suggests Satya means Truth and Narayan is the supreme God. This Vrat emphasizes the significance of Narayan as he is believed to be the creator of the universe and has the supreme power to design human destiny.

The world is full of Maya (illusion) and only Narayan has the power to uncover Maya and lead us the way. He is all about Truth and Reality. His guiding principles are Keep your Eyes and Ears open and do not get carried away with Maya .

Worshipping Narayan is like Worshipping Truth. He blesses us with the energy and wisdom to identify Reality and accordingly we are able perform our duties in a right direction thereby leading us towards progressive path.

Satya Narayan pooja can be performed at any time as one wish for but ideally this pooja should be performed only during the 'radosh Kaal' during the last 24 minutes before Sunset. i.e. when the Sun is just on the verge of settling down. It is advisable to fast during the day and then perform the pooja in the evening.

Pooja begins with Sodashopchaar Pooja and involves reciting various 'dhyays ' (short stories/Prose) appreciating 'arayan' and acknowledging his wisdom and supremacy over the world. The pooja involves Kalash poojan followed by recitation of Chand. Also if possible the entire family should avoid sleeping at night and should just focus on Chands. Pooja should be done with utmost devotion.