Vaastu shanti Grihapravesh

As per Indian Vaastu-Shastra (architecture) there are 62 Vaastu Devtaa, every one having their individual house and /or position. Vaastu Shastra has laid some rules that are supposed to be followed while constructing our house.

Now-a-days, it is not possible for most of us to adhere to those rules especially in cities or urban area. As a result many a times problem occur despite having the favorable (influence) horoscope.

The rationale of Vaastu-shanti is to nullify the negative influence of the surroundings. According to the theory of Vaastu Shastra while constructing our house we hurt many small creatures, tree roots etc. which is a sin and we need to apologize to them in turn for the damage caused by us.

By performing Vaastu Shanti we apologize to all these 62 Vaastu-Devtaa with lord Vaastu-Purusha (by offering pooja / homam,) and seek their blessings so as to live happily in the house forever.