Vishesha Shanti

Vishesha Shanti: There are in all Nine Vishesha shanti. Each of these is performed with a special purpose (to achieve the desired result)

Navachandi Yagna / Shatachandi Yagna (Worshipping goddess Chandi) : Ideally Goddess Chandi is worshipped for acquiring Power, Supremacy and also for acquiring Philosophical supremacy. It is believed that once the goddess showers her blessings on some individual then he/she cannot be defeated or in other words he/she attains the Numero uno position. Chandi Shanti is classified in to many categories like Navachandi Yagna / Shatachandi Yagna is primarily important and widely acknowledged.

Rudraikadashani (Laghurudra swahaakaara yagna) / Maharudra swaahaakaar yagna : Rudra is evolved from the combination of Rud (in Sanskrit means Sin) and Dravayati (means washed away). Thus the process involved or to say the Shanti performed to wash away our sins is called Rudra. The underlying principle is that we, human beings, knowingly or unknowingly commit sin in our day-to-day life. There are various types of sin we commit, for say, verbally, (abusing or being harsh on someone), through our thoughts (ill feeling towards someone) and physically (forcefully). We need to aplogise towards this and as such Rudra is performed. There are several types of Rudra of which Rudraikadashani(Laghurudra swahaakaara yagna)/ Maharudra swaahaakaar yagna are generally performed to purify ourselves by apologizing for our sins.

Mahasudarshana yagna: (shanti meant to nullify all negative energies) This is normally performed for purifying ones' state of mind and /or place of residence. Many a times human beings are superstitious and they feel they are being harassed by Ghosts / may have some weird notions. The reason for such a condition is attributed primarily to the residence, as it is believed that the place might have been occupied by Ghost sometime before. Thus the place is ungodly and should be purified.

Maha Mrutyunjaya Shanti: (shanti meant to avert death) He who is born has to go one day. Death is the reality. Maha Mrutyunjaya Shanti is ideally performed to avert death and/or to reduce the intensity of any unforeseen accident. You may feel that no Mantra can avert death but all of us at some time in our life have passed through a phase wherein one of our beloved/amongst family members is almost on the verge of dying and Doctors ask us to “Pray to the almighty.” thereby acknowledging the Power and Supremacy of God. In India it is believed that Miracles do happen due to Maha Mrutyunjaya Shanti and they have valid reason to believe it as they have experienced it.

Udaka Shanti: Udaka Shanti is normally performed to purify the place of residence and to keep all the negative influences/ energies far off. In India it is generally performed during any ceremony. Ideally it should be performed once in a year so as to maintain the decorum of the house.

Devata Pratishtha (meaning establishing the ‘Deity' and /or Yantra of the Almighty god):

This is the pooja / yagna performed for the first time in order to purify the ‘Idol' and establish the ‘Deity' of Almighty God. It is done so that the ‘Deity' acquires the energy and the power of blessing. Normally this is done in temples.

Kumbhaabhishekam: Every Yantra and /or ‘Deity' have some power. The intensity of this power is reduced over a period of time. To revitalize and re-energise these Yantra / or ‘Deity', pooja is performed along with yagna. This pooja is known as Kumbhaabhishekam.

Kumbhaabhishekam should be performed regularly at least once in a year so as to retain the power of Yantra and /or ‘Deity'.